Porcelain veneers

What is a Porcelain Veneer?

Dental porcelain veneers/dental veneers/dental porcelain laminates are thin layers of  porcelain that improve the appearance of the smile and solve cosmetic/aesthetic dental issues such as, tooth discoloration, tooth misalignment,replacement of  old fillings in the frontal teeth, gaps between teeth and cracks.


Dental veneers procedure/Am i the right candidate for Veneers?

After the preliminary consultation with the dentist the decision is taken on:

  • whether you are the right candidate for veneering the teeth

after having consciously eliminated the:

  • possible alternatives, such as invisible orthodontics/invisalign or bleaching

For the procedure usually only 2  appointments are obligatory and within 5-10 days the porcelain dental veneers are attached permanently!!  (unless otherwise decided in the previous consultation):

The first appointment usually takes 2-3hrs(depending on the number of teeth) and includes:

  • intraoral photos
  • first impression (before grinding teeth)
  • grinding of the teeth (local anesthetic if needed)
  • final impression
  • preparation of temporary composite veneers
  • choice of the final veneer color

The second final appointment (after 5-10 days)  takes 2hrs and includes:

  • removal of temporary composite veneers (local anesthetic if needed)
  • permanent adhesion of the porcelain veneers
  • intraoral photos






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